Steering Repair

Steering Repair Service

You expect to enjoy smooth performance and a comfortable driving experience. Take care of your car’s steering, so you have a comfortable and safe driving experience. We can help with your steering repair.

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steering repair

Steering Repairs and Services

At Elmer’s Garage, you can leave the repairs and services to our automotive mechanics. Do you have questions about your steering system? Give us a call or stop by our garage.

Car or Truck Repair

Experiencing problems with the steering quality and handling of your car or truck?  In need of steering repair? The service technicians at Elmer’s will help you restore the drivability of your vehicle.

Function of Steering.

When you turn the steering wheel, the car responds in the direction you are moving the wheel. There’s a group of parts that are called the steering system moves when you turn your steering wheel. The steering shaft will move the wheels right or left.

Rack and Pinion Steering System

Most cars, smaller trucks, and SUVs have a rack and pinion steering system.  According to Car and Driver, the 1974 Ford Mustang II and the 1974 Pinto were the first American cars to use rack and pinion steering.

Power Steering Pump

A power steering pump uses hydraulics to push fluid into the gearbox. The gearbox assists in turning the wheels. Power steering pumps will wear out over a period of time.

Power Steering

  • Power Steering Cooler
  • Power Steering Fittings
  • Power Steering Hose
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Other Components

Steering Column

  • Steering Column Hardware
  • Steering Column Shifter Components
  • Steering Shaft
  • Steering Wheel and Horn
  • Turn Signal

Steering Gear

  • Steering Gear and Gear Box
  • Steering Idler Arm
  • Steering Knuckle
  • Steering Pitman Arm