Automotive Air Conditioner Repair

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair Services

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair at an affordable price.  Our auto mechanics know the ins and outs of an air condition system. 

Short video of the functions of an air conditioning system.

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair, automotive repair

Air Conditioner Components

  • A/C Compressor Replacement
  • A/C Condenser Repairs
  • Freon/coolant Replacement
  • A/C Accumulator Replacement
  • A/C Expansion Valve Replacement
  • A/C Orifice Tubes Replacement
  • A/C Evaporator Replacement
  • Refrigerant leaks

Thanks to our tremendous amount of auto repair experience, we work on auto air condition systems for a wide variety of vehicle makes.

Other HVAC

  • HVAC Blend Door
  • Blend Door Actuator
  • HVAC Control Modules
  • HVAC Pressure Sensor and Switches
  • HVAC Wire Harness
  • HVAC Relays
  • HVAC Temperature Control
  • HVAC Temperature Control

For friendly, honest auto air conditioning repairs in the Catlettsburg and Ashland Kentucky area, trust Elmer’s Garage.

Air Conditioner Compressor, automotive-air-conditioner-repair

A/C Repairs and Services

At Elmer’s Garage, you can leave the repairs and services to our automotive mechanics. Automotive air conditioning systems have components that remove the heat and make the air cooler.

Listed below are the main parts of an air conditioning system. Let’s take a look at staying cool in your car.

Air Compressor

Compressor pumps to push the liquid refrigerant from the evaporator into a condenser and past the expansion valve, and then back to the evaporator. It is a process that works.

A/C Evaporator

An Air Conditioning evaporator sets in the dashboard. It looks like a small radiator. As the air blows through it, the air gets cold and cools the vehicle. At times,  a clogged drainage channel can cause water in the front footwells.

A/C Condenser

Air Conditioning Condensers looks like a radiator that is mounted between the grille and the radiator at the front of the car.

A/C Receiver Dryer or Accumulator

Most receiver/driers or accumulator contain a filter that will trap debris that may be inside the A/C system. The accumulator will store liquid refrigerant.

Air Conditioning Orifice Tube

Orifice tubes simply control the rate of flow of refrigerant into the evaporator that is located in your dash.

These tubes are located in the refrigerant tubing that connects to the high-pressure port on the evaporator. However, the tube may be located in the evaporator tube. Orifice tubes fail due to a clogged screen.

Three types of A/C Fluid

  1. R-12 (also called Freon)
  2. R-1234yf (also called HFO-1234yf)
  3. R-134a (also called HFC-134a)


Universal Technical Institute has an article to read about automotive air conditioners. This article is titled “How do air conditioning systems work in a car”?

We talked about our automotive air conditioner repair on this page, take a look at other auto repair services that we offer.